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    We are Atermon

    We focus on intelligent uses of Gamification and Web 3.0 technologies and tools

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We conceptualize intelligent solutions for E&T based on gamification models and technologies and we design practical applications and tools in support of ICT-enabled E&T.

Professional Team

We employ a team of professionals in instructional design, gamification, technical consulting, web design & development, content authoring and digital marketing.


We promote the "democratisation" of Web 3.0 by serving the principle of "MY data for MY benefit" through the provision of personalised ICT-enabled E&T solutions.

About Us

Passionate about knowledge

We strive to be at the forefront of applied research in emerging technologies and tools and experiment with innovative uses for disseminating knowledge. We use our research results for conceptualising solutions for the benefit of the owners of the data as learners instead of the benefit of purely profit-making business models.

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Our Mission

Focus on intelligent uses of Game-Based Learning and Web 3.0 technologies and tools for the implementation of solutions which can deliver lasting learning experiences of real practical value.

Our Vision

Be at the forefront of applied research in emerging technologies and tools and utilise the personalisation possibilities powered by Web 2.0/3.0 for knowledge dissemination purposes.

Our Values

Ethically serve the concepts of Open & Inclusive Education and Personalised Learning in a business context which will not impose limitations in terms of quality and efficiency.

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In our blog you can find interesting posts spanning across our areas of interest:
• IP management in E&T
• Game-based learning and open education
• “Opening up education to everybody”
• OER (Open Educational Resources), OCW (OpenCourseWare) and MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)
• Unity 3D, Augmented Reality, Holograms, AI chat bots, TinCan (xAPI), serious games, distributed ledgers and blockchain
• Personalised Learning Environments (PLE)

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Food Waste Adventures in Minecraft

The creation of Minecraft worlds requires instructional and GBL experience to conceptualise the world by transcribing the challenges in Minecraft. The process starts by visualising the elaborated challenges in the world.


English Adventures with Cambridge: Language Learning with Minecraft

Educators all over the globe have adopted Minecraft to teach language because it provides a virtual environment that is great for immersion and participatory learning. Language acquisition takes place in English Adventures with Cambridge through practice and exposure to natural, contextualized language.