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English Adventures with Cambridge: Language Learning with Minecraft

Educators all over the globe have adopted Minecraft to teach language because it provides a virtual environment that is great for immersion and participatory learning. Language acquisition takes place in English Adventures with Cambridge through practice and exposure to natural, contextualized language.

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The importance of learning experience design

The formal resources should be designed to mesh with the task and provide effective information design and the social learning tools should be organized around the way the team coheres.

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Relation between learner engagement and learning outcome

The percentages for learner engagement and knowledge creators in social platforms are 1% creators, 9% commentators and 90% passive users.

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Training Material Design

Effective design requires the development of effective learning models. The design of our training material entails a 7-step process, which includes how to develop:

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From content is KING to experience RULES

Experience design sets up the emotional expectations, and then delivering a series of content-resourced contexts to achieve the desired outcome. It can also deliver performance support tools in the workflow.