• English Adventures with Cambridge: Language Learning with Minecraft

English Adventures with Cambridge: Language Learning with Minecraft

Educators all over the globe have adopted Minecraft to teach language because it provides a virtual environment that is great for immersion and participatory learning.

Today, we're announcing a new learning resource that combines Minecraft: Education Edition with Cambridge Assessment English, the world's most well-known supplier of English language examinations.

Language acquisition takes place in English Adventures with Cambridge through practice and exposure to natural, contextualized language.

The course is designed for students aged eight and up, or those who have completed level A1+ of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

It's important to employ visual hints to learn and practice new language ideas at that level.

Learning requires repetition, errors, and exposure, and the unique environment aids in consolidating knowledge and increasing motivation, engagement, and confidence—all essential components of successful language learning!

The Cambridge team built the universe on the following simple yet strong premises:

  • Using the language is more important than knowing facts about it.
  • Learning experiences should be relatable to real life.
  • Errors should be treated as a natural part of learning.
  • Students learn grammar and vocabulary most usefully when they’re within a meaningful context.
  • Extensive exposure to the language facilitates learning.

With a trophy system that motivates students to replay lectures and receive incentives, the activities leverage on the engagement benefits of gamification.

The globe includes clue blocks that can help students become unstuck to scaffold the courses for pupils that want extra assistance.

They should not be embarrassed if they try an activity more than once or if they want assistance.

It's all a part of the process of learning!

Written by Atermonas Pubblished May 2022