• Food Waste Adventures in Minecraft

Food Waste Adventures in Minecraft Collection

Inspired by the BAFOS project, we are working on a series of adventures in Minecraft related to food waste.


The Food waste Minecraft collection is for teachers of primary schools, parents, HE institutions with pedagogical departments that train the educators of tomorrow and the school community in general and educational games developers.

Food Waste World

The custom Minecraft world is conceptualised specifically to support the delivery of PBL challenges to enhance sentiment about food waste. The FoodWaste world provides the thematic environment in which all activities take place. It features an engaging map with relevant layers and biomes. The map also featurea annotations and custom terrain layers.


Each food waste challenge has a primary objective and may feature extensions in the form of additional challenges to complete once achieving the primary objective. Each challenge is part of the FoodWaste world file (.mcword) together with instructions on how to fulfil the objective. A dedicated resource pack is created featuring its own textures with custom animations for the challenges. The resource pack is easy to distribute and have its own thumbnail. Minecraft mods (short for modifications) alter the gameplay. The gameplay is changed with mods which are pertinent to the elaborated challenges.

Written by Atermonas Pubblished Feb 2022