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Our Mission

Boldly go where no one has gone before

Our mission is to be at the forefront of applied research in emerging technologies and tools, currently used for the most part by large multinationals for serving purely profit oriented strategies cashing in on the personalisation possibilities powered by Web 2.0/3.0.


Elaboration of instructional strategies aiming to increase engagement, motivation, and participation and integration of game strategies (competing, awarding, scoring, etc.) to existing applications and/or online communities. In corporate training, our gamification strategies manifest to courses or curricula through the addition of the gamification elements into the full curriculum.

Educational Augmented Reality

Design and development of educational AR games in multiple educational and training contexts. We provide custom design and development services from initial concept to the final game or implementation of AR games powered by our own Augmented Reality Content Management System which provides for the rapid creation of AR games dissminating knowledge.

Minecraft Modding

Cross-platform educational mods for harnessing the power of Minecraft. We create mods across diverse areas covering from STEAM subjects (coding, physics, meteorology, natural disasters, IoT) to physical activity (work-out, fitness, cross-fit). We complement our STEAM mods with educational and training scenarios offering a complete learning experience.

LXP Design

Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) are knowledge dissemination solutions designed to create more personalized learning experiences. They combine content from diverse sources and employ AI to propose and deliver knowledge cross-platform.

Instructional Design

Analysing corporate training needs and creating learning experiences which are aligned to company goals and objectives. We employ an interactive process in design and development based on scenarios, motivational design and immersive learning for the creation of engaging learning experiences.

Knowledge Solutions

Design and development of portals for the widest possible dissemination of knowledge ranging from the financial sectors (payment solutions, cryptocurrencies, forex) to Intellectual Property (IP workflows, trademarks, patents). Our custom development solutions are based on the Drupal CMS.